Các nhà khoa học đã mô tả cách uống trà ảnh hưởng đến não bộ

It turns out that when we drink trà regularly, we encourage our brain, and thus increase and prolong our mental activity.

To such a conclusion came scientists from the National University of Singapore. As a result of their research became known that tea has a positive effect on the efficiency of the brain’s connections.

For their test, they took 36 elderly aged 60 years. The researchers divided the subjects into two groups: those who drink tea frequently and those who do not drink it or drink less often. A group of tea enthusiasts took the people who drink it at least four times a week.

Scientists have discovered that those who loved tea, had a higher efficiency of interconnections in the brain.


The researchers clarify that to improve the efficiency of the brain’s connections is necessary while drinking tea four times a week. And note that the link between regular tea consumption and reduction of interhemispheric asymmetry – evidence of the use of this habit for the brain.

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